luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

Interview with Sugar103 -Covergirl today

Stardoll  Movie: Congrats!Hi !I want you to have an interview for my blog...
Sugar103:OMG! Are you serious! I would love to!
Stardoll Movie:Thank youu ;D ! How do you feel beeing a Covergirl ? How did you make it ? Was this your Dream ? Did you send broadcasts ? What advice do you havce for the other girls that want to become a Covergirl ?
Sugar103:It feels amazing!! I wrote in all that was a GB and sent TONS of broadcasts! YES! Yes. Save those SD! You'll need to send alot of broadcasts! Write in people's GB's and always be polite. Work hard on your MeDoll and suite so people will notice you
Stardoll Movie:Thank you for your time
Interview for Stardoll Movie!! By aLLe!!

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